tiny gamemaking tool using the html details tag 💙 likely fragile, be nice to it
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this is a tiny twine-like gamemaking tool using the html details tag.

how to use

to use this tool, you'll need rustc and cargo, which you can download at the rustlang website. clone this repo, navigate to it, and run

cargo run path/to/detail/file

to generate an html file.

(sorry you have to download a whole programming language to compile ~200 lines of code. tk: web tool to facilitate this?)


~title write the title of your game: this will show up as the page title.

~detail start: this is where your game will start. required.

~detail name of a detail: starts a new detail passage. name can't include the characters | or ~.

|name of a detail|: inserts the text wrapped in | as the summary of a <details> tag, and the contents of the ~detail passage of the same name as its contents.

|display text~name of a detail|: the same as above, except the text before the ~ will be displayed as the summary instead of the passage name. display text can't contain the character | (but ~ is okay)

you can use markdown in passage text---whatever's supported by this markdown crate. this is meant to be a simple way of marking up passages. raw html is supported.


a detail file with the following text:

~title cat story

~detail start
the |cat| sat on the mat

~detail cat
the cat was very |pretty~pet| and has green eyes

~detail pet
you pet the cat! it _purred_ pleasantly

will output this:



the cat was very


you pet the cat! it purred pleasantly

and has green eyes

sat on the mat